From July 1st we are taking a break from daily occassional flowers. We will continue to create bespoke funeral flowers.

About us

Curlew Country Farm is a family owned working sheep and cropping farm located in North Central Victoria that has diversified into cut flower growing.

Growing flowers started as a retirement project that kept growing. We love flowers, we love creating with flowers, they make us happy so we  just want to grow more.

We may be a small grower but we care deeply about how we farm, the natural environment and minimising our environmental footprint. 

We only grow seasonal annual, perennial and woody flowers and foliage’s suitable for our climatic conditions, using organic farming methods.  We don’t force our flowers out of season with artificial heat or light, we don’t use single use plastic mulches and we don’t use toxic chemicals or  floral foam. 

Every plant grows as nature intended with their roots in rich organic soil and their leaves and blooms warmed by sunshine and kissed with morning dew. 

Stems are hand-picked at their peak early each morning.  Many of the flowers are fragrant, some are unusual and all are unique and beautiful.   

We lovingly arrange the flowers in an abundant English style and hope that they bring joy and comfort to you and your loved ones.